Strong Records first recording session

Excited to have had Microkingdom here on Sunday to record the very first Strong Records record.  Or whatever.  Strong Records is 2 Jons: myself and Mr. Lipscomb.  For now, we are doing hit & run recordings in my living room to amass a body of high quality sounds.  More info soon.  Check out our page on f-book:

If you think you could make a STRONG record, get in touch.  We are currently booking the week of December 10-14

exciting things are in the works

Really excited for a couple of shows coming up – more details soon.  I got to see my good friend Zach Swanson yesterday when we made an audition video with drummer Mike Ross for a cruise gig in October.  Changed the name of my solo project – check out Inca on facebook/incarocks.  Also I’m making the Jazz Lunch record “Housewarming” available for free download on soundcloud

if for some crazy reason you felt like owning the physical cd (the design is really cool I swear!) you could purchase it from our cdbaby page