farewell cam

I’m playing at Out of Your Head tonight at Windup 12 W. North Avenue. It is Cam’s last Out Of Your Head before he moves to NYC. Other things you should know:
It’s Cam’s birthday
It’s Cam’s last day in the Navy

don’t know Cam? You should, he’s great. Come meet him.

wish us luck

Jazz Lunch is moving forward with the recent recording we did on the weekend of June 4th – we will be doing a limited pressing of 50-100 CDs on a local CDR label, more details to come. In addition, I’m applying this week for a grant in order to cover the costs of mastering and if we get enough dough, to do a larger pressing and maybe some shows on the road….

Artscape stuff

Here’s a rundown of where and when I’ll be playing during artscape this weekend:

Friday, 7 pm at 11 W Chase St with Tap Tap Tap
Friday, 9 pm at 1511 Guilford (copycat building) with Jazz Lunch
Saturday, 9 pm at Windup Space (12 W North ave) with Soul Cannon for our CD release
Sunday, 1-4 pm at Bohemian coffeehouse with Jazz Lunch

Come on out and listen, all of these are going to be real fun

2nd birkfest audio up etc

The second piece of birkfest audio has been released. Listen to it: http://soundcloud.com/holzter/emily-3

you may need to view entire post to be able to click this I’m not sure. I’m grateful for any feedback regarding how well these links are working for people.

farewell chad, urbanite, birkfest audio

his Sunday (tomorrow) is going to be Chad’s last performance with us before moving to Chicago, so come out and wish him well. Thanks again to Urbanite for their write-up of Jazz Lunch. We will keep doing our thing every Sunday from 1-4 pm, drummer tba. Also the first of the birkfest audio is available on tumblr, take a listen. More audio will be released periodically, up until the next rent party on 8/21/11.

soundcloud, birkfest audio

Ok some news:
I’ll be using soundcloud to make available the performances of everyone at “Birkfest” on 5/22/11 this year. I will be releasing them every few days leading up to the next one, which will be August 21st. I will release the first track tomorrow at noon. Also, the name “Birkfest” is a little too narcissistic (or something) for me, it was a nickname given to the festival by my friends at the very first one but I see bigger and better things for this event and I would like to change the name to something that is not so much about me. Because it isn’t really about me, it’s about the musicians. So I’m thinking for now it will be called 3030 Rent Party since my aim was to follow this excellent tradition. It’s 2:22 so I’m going to just publish this…