Sap Bapi Business Agreement

Keywords: company agreement, contractual account, exchange between companies, pendant, counterparty im_agreement_header = wa_contract_header im_agreement_header_x = wa_contract_header_x DATA: ls_datagnrl TYPE bapibus1006130_gnrl_data, ls_dataspec TYPE bapibus1006130_spec_data, ls_data_spec TYPE bapibus1006130_spec_data_exp, ls_dataspec_x TYPE bapibus1006130_spec_data_x, ls_datagnrl_x TYPE bapibus1006130_gnrl_data_x, lv_text TYPE crmt_babr_text, lv_text1 TYPE crmt_buag_text, lv_addrnumber TYPE ad_addrnum, lv_buag_id TYPE crmt_buag_id, lt_return TYPE TABLE OF BAPIRET2, ls_return TYPE bapiret2, lv_buagguid TYPE crmt_buag_guid_c. * Business agreement class ls_dataspec-buag_class = . RUN build_and_processing_bapi WITH it_contract. ** fill in the data for bapi fm and for the conclusion of the contract wa_contract_header TYPE bapioahead, wa_contract_header_x TYPE bapioaheax, wa_contract_detail TYPE bapioaitem, wa_contract_detail_x TYPE bapioaitex, wa_return TYPE bapiret2, wa_message TYPE ty_message, A Scheduling Agreement is a framework contract established between a supplier and a customer. A sales plan (not to be confused with the purchase plan) is a long-term sales contract that contains the details of the delivery plan and deliveries to the customer are made according to the schedule provided in the document. Description Clearly identifies an instance of the commercial object>BUS2014> (sales contract). DefaultThe parameter is required>. DescriptionThe following fields can be filled in:MESSAGING_APPL: Choice of application for outputNO_MESSAGING message: No message determinationNO_MESSAGE_REQ: No outputNO_AUTHORITY_CHECK message: No authorization attemptThe value rangeMESSAGING_APPL can have the following instances:A: Automatic determination of the applicationB: Distribution of the delivery plan without classification or contractC: Output Delivery planning positions (excluding purchase contract) N: No declarationThe parameters NO_MESSAGING, NO_MESSAGE_REQ and NO_AUTHORITY_CHECK can be inactive: `X`activeor`. DescriptionThe TestRun> parameter is used in write BAPIs (CreateXXX and ChangeXXX) to verify information about the instance before the object instance is actually created in the database. .

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