Market Recovery Agreement

This practice of funding semi-union contractors seems contrary to the union`s objectives of regaining non-union work. I believe that the recovery of the market for partially unionised contractors runs counter to the intention of the union members and the intention of the union organisation efforts. I am also concerned about the construction of reserves because reserves can be used in emergency situations. In the event of a serious financial situation in which immediate funds are needed, it is very likely that a reserve fund is the place of origin of the money. When a provision for risks is set aside in the banking sector, it can only be used to clear an unproducing loan and is heavily regulated. In an emergency situation where money is being spent on the recovery of the union market for something other than the recovery of the market, we can see that there are serious legal problems that no one, including the union, has considered. I think it would be very useful and instructive for the union to formally and comprehensively address the reserve issues, both for union members and for union contractors. The syndicate shall make available to the contractor a form completed by the contractor describing the details of the project, including the hours that the contractor estimates, which should take time for framing, hanging or sewing. For example, the union contractor may indicate that he has hanged approximately 1,000 hours of dry work.

The syndicate may, after examining the aggregate demand, grant a resumption of the market or refuse a resumption of the market. If the union grants a market recovery, it will grant a certain amount in dollars per hour. The market recovery program has existed for several years in our region and has had a definite impact on the amount and nature of work that non-unionized contractors can do. I understand that the recovery of the market (in our region) is financed by union workers who voted and approved the program, as well as the method of financing. The union collects and manages the funds made available to the union by the union`s employees. If you are a union worker or union contractor, it is normal to ask the union about the current financial situation of the market recovery in your area. As a union member, it`s normal to ask for financial reports on the money you`ve deposited. What is not correct is not getting the information or getting it in a way that is difficult to understand. In a few years, the recovery of the market could have reserves of $3 million to $5 million in our region just.

We`re talking about serious money! It doesn`t matter if you`re a union or a non-union. .