New Aircraft Purchase Agreement

1.1 (a) Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the seller undertakes to sell and deliver the buyer and the buyer agrees to purchase and take all rights to the seller. The title and interest in and for this specific registration number – and the FAA registration number N__________; with two ________Modellmotoren bearing the manufacturer`s serial numbers, and all equipment, features, accessories, instruments and components as well as any other parts attached to them, all bulk equipment and spare parts, as well as all aircraft documents referred to in point 1.1 b) and, furthermore, described in Appendix A (all the above items are described above). which are referred to as “airplane”) together. The representations, guarantees, alliances and agreements of the buyer and seller will survive the conclusion for the long term. There are other permutations. The buyer cannot know the identity of the seller and the seller cannot know the identity of the buyer. The seller is also unlikely to know the buyer`s purchase price. Depending on the structure and the “secrets” kept, the logistics of a transaction and a transaction can become very complex. 1.2 (a) With regard to the buyer, the buyer`s agreement and agreement regarding a certain — (b) With respect to the seller, the Seller`s agreement and agreement to purchase other similar alternative aircraft are interdependent. One reason is that you don`t want to take the time to negotiate a purchase contract unless you have a contract. Most OLIs are never signed and never become contracts, as the parties are unable to agree on the purchase price and other important conditions.

As a result, the LOI is a delicate phase in negotiations between buyer and seller; the parties try to agree on issues such as the price, the total date of the transaction and whether the buyer must commit to the purchase before concluding his due diligence.