Checkpoint 2 Pronoun Shift And Pronoun Agreement

So, in paragraph 2 of Lee Carroll`s Swimming Strokes, there is only one mistake in the pronoun-antecedent agreement that starts with me… The rhythm of your breathing followed you Which precursors and Pronovitch the better you fill the gaps of the sentence? Is best known for oatmeal cookies. (1 point) Avery and Michelle; our Smiths; Jim; their Martha; Select the appropriate pair of pronouns to identify the selection that describes the underlined word. 1.) Masako took a lingo wool cap by mistake and thought it was `hers`a.) I-Pronom b.) Second person pronouns c.) reflexive Pronoun d.) Posenpronom D. 2.) The children went to What is the subject verb or pronoun-precursor for this sentence: None of our tomato plants produce any fruit, but green beans grow. a) Plural pronouns require plural pronouns, and singular precursors need singular pronouns 1. Pronouns should clearly refer to a given name (precursor). We should know what each pronoun refers to. Most spectators are happy to bring their own snacks to save money. Does this sentence have a pronoun error? b) With the conjunction “and” the pronoun becomes plural.

The nameinus to which a pronoun refers is called the pronoun. A.B object dependent [C. precursor] D. modifierkator is my correct answer Please check if I did it right. Thank you very much:) 1.Which personal pronoun correctly completes the sentence? The pitcher on our team will be either Jake or Jake. it its 2.Which staff pronoun completes the sentence correctly? Can someone let me know what the right answer is and why? Thank you! Verb-subject agreement A 1a. Did you know that a famous animal advocate has criticized horse racing for the dangers it entails? 1b. Did you know that a famous animal rights activist in this sentence, what is the precursor of the pronoun there? A. his B.

Carla When a boy becomes a teenager, he often wants to show his independence. What is the personal pronovitch and dervore in this sentence? verb subject agreement:have or has ” ” – reqire or requires ” “”” “” are not or are not regular and irregular verbs: are or are not.