Cancellation Agreement Germany

In the event of a serious breach of contract. B of work (e.g., theft, embezzlement or abuse), an employer may give summary dismissal (without notice/exceptional dismissal) and immediately terminate his employment. Your employer needs a very good reason to dismiss you in this way and he must act within two weeks after learning of the (alleged) fault. Essentially, a redundancy contract may contain the following information: whether the employee or employer terminates an employer-worker agreement, the deadlines and important rules must be respected for the dismissal to take effect. Our German labour law specialists advise on the correct cessation of labour relations in Germany. The termination contract is an agreement between the employer and the worker, which terminates the employment relationship and establishes the conditions associated with the dismissal. Although concessions are often made to the employee, make sure that the termination contract actually protects your interests. Please note that you are not legally required to sign a termination contract. So don`t let it put pressure on you! Unlike normal termination, the termination contract must be approved. In the case of a fixed-term employment contract, workers are threatened. Some agreements, which at first seem appropriate, may have aspects and clauses that mean that they are not as valuable as they did in the first place. The first offer, when it comes to such an end-of-work contract, may not meet the individual`s requirements at all. This is particularly the case when the party concerned is not advised (or informed) about German labour law.

It is therefore advisable not only to sign such a outboard document, but rather to approach the issue with serenity and, if possible, to seek the advice of outside experts. In the event of termination of employment, the employer must respect the current notice period. The basic notice period is four weeks from the 15th or last day of a calendar month. This notice increases with the employee`s seniority.