Aircraft Engine Lease Agreement

The fees outlined below, including hourly rent, daily rent and the terms of use of the cycle report, do not include the amount of customs duties, taxes, tax or sate, use, excise, transfer, gross, or any other tax or charge that may be imposed by a national jurisdiction related to the rental of an engine. The tenant will compensate, defend and compensate the lessor of any type of tax, including the costs or charges that may be incurred against them by a tax authority, a foreign tax, national or local administration, foreign states or foreign institutions, or which may be subject to collection on the network or on the use of such an engine in the context of a rental contract. At the request of a public authority for the payment of such a tax or tax, landlords immediately inform tenants and tenants to pay the same; However, if the lessor demands the same payment, the lessor charges the tenant the amount he pays or the tax he has paid and the tenant immediately repays the amount to the lessor. With the Power-by-the-Hour program, the tenant is protected from the unexpected costs of premature engine failures or the cost of capital for the refurbishment of their own engines, which must be replaced due to the LLP process, AD compliance or loss of power. d. Before returning the engine to the rental company, the tenant prepares each engine for shipment by dumping and repainting all engine openings; (ii) the retention of the engine for more than nine (90) days (i.e. Pratt and Whitney “Level 4,” subtask 72-00-00-620-053 for a “usable engine (iii) that covers the engine with a tarp; and (iv) to prepare the engine to be sent in accordance with the manufacturer`s specifications/recommendations. All the trucks we use for the shipment of the engine are equipped with air trailers or air cushions. For each shipment, this truck will be dedicated to engines owned exclusively by the renter; except that additional items can be transported on the truck, provided that a) the engine can be unloaded at the delivery point without disturbing the additional objects and b) the owner does not reposition any of the additional objects on the truck. d. Within ten (10) days following a request from one of the parties, but no more than once every thirty (30) days during the lease and within ten (10) days of the leaser`s delivery, the parties will cross-reference all costs in connection with that lease. The tenant then immediately pays the landlord a default and, if the tenant is not late, the landlord then pays less the proof of payment. On the first of each month, the tenant submits a report to the owner showing the flights carried out by the engines and listing the hours and cycles of these flights for the previous month.