Result Of An Agreement Not To Use The Doubling Cube

5.1 Claims In the event of a dispute between players, they must leave the dice, controllers, doubling cubes, scorecards and all other relevant items intact, while they ask the tournament director to settle the dispute. If one of the players is also tournament director, the dispute must be settled by another tournament director associated with the tournament. If no other tournament director is assigned to the tournament, the dispute must be resolved by a governing commission. 5.2 Recourse The decision of the tournament director may be challenged, but this appeal must be sought as soon as possible. As a result of this request, it is necessary to establish a regulatory committee and to deal with the remedy as soon as possible. The ruling committee can either uphold the original decision by a simple majority, or cancel it or make an alternative decision. 5.3 Information available The tournament director and/or the steering committee may request all available information, including anyone they deem necessary at their sole discretion. A player involved in the dispute is authorized to make statements to the tournament director and/or the governing committee. Spectators can only speak at the request of the tournament director and/or the governing committee. 5.4 Reporting rights according to official decisions Any person can notify the association of any decision of the tournament director or the steering committee, in accordance with established guidelines, so that a decision in principle can be made and a precedent can be set in this regard. The association may impose sanctions by the authority of the current tournament rules or in some other way.

5.5 Reporting obligations of the tournament director and the Executive Committee (i) Any decision in the event of a dispute must be notified to the association as soon as possible after the tournament closes. The report must contain a description of the issue and the reasons for decision. (ii) All game results must be reported to the association and/or entered into a relevant database or ranking system as soon as possible after the tournament ends. Players can agree on whether to play with the double cube. The purpose of the cube is to multiply the number of points won by a game. If the cube is in the center of the dashboard, each player can choose to double before rolling the dice. When a player doubles, the opponent has the right to accept or reject him, and the dual employer has the right to withdraw it. If the double result of the game is accepted, the double cube is multiplied.