Mgeu Collective Agreement Local 220

Manitoba government employees have won a legal battle with the provincial government over an arbitrator to help hammer a new collective agreement. Dismissal of employees and not respecting their collective agreement To our brothers and sisters at home throughout Manitoba, you have suffered enough. It would be a sin to pass on your collective agreement to any other health worker in this province. Perhaps we now know why the MGEU did not use our collective agreements. Finally, there is a Facebook page for Home Care, and there seems to be other health workers in this province. Look at it, “Time For Change…. Home care staff for CUPE.” They also deserve to be heard. FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY (first published by mgeumemberswatching, 4 January 2015) Finally, we want to discuss why the MGEU has not used contractual comparisons in our literature. We know from previous rationalization votes that the MGEU has made contract comparisons, so the question is what we are hiding this time. If we can say in our prospectuses that we are negotiating the strongest collective agreements, why not show that by making the comparisons this time? We propose that all of our members in the health sector do what other unions have done and compare collective agreements and make a vision. Your future depends on it.

Even in his praise for Tabor Home, it is not the workers who rent them, but the institution?? Gawronsky says the MGEU delivers the truth? Bill 29 is the truth! It defines the agreements that will be received after the votes. You told us that they do not matter, and at the same time we thought that we do not consider the Local 220 Community Agreement to be our largest support agreement for institutions, but that we are comparing ourselves to the collective agreement for Victoria Hospital. It`s a blatant lie that you keep pretending. Not a holiday day either! Members of the Community Programs – Local 220 ratified a new four-year collective agreement last night. It would be interesting to talk to the members who were “fired” from the campaign, as well as to the two other active members who thought their membership would be better served elsewhere. In our reflections, the subject appeared quid pro quo. What do you think our president promises the Interlake Regional Health Agency to provide two positions? The government never likes unions unless they get what they want. It will be interesting to see how things move forward when the new certifications are issued and we all move towards the lines of a new collective agreement. Let us all hope that she did not sell her soul to the Interlake Regional Health Authority to secure her employment and that of her concubine at the risk of our membership.