Master Short-Term Engine Lease Agreement 2012 Revision

5 of the Redelivery site and (b) in accordance with point 11.5; The lease of the engine package, when launched, ends with this return; and (iii) if these conditions are not effectively met, the tenant is not responsible for the rent accrued or the cost of removal under the lessor`s obligations under this contract are subject to the lender`s performance or discretionary waiver of the terms set out in Schedule 3 and, if applicable, the terms set out in Part I, point 3B, of the tenancy agreement. 2.4 Start Duration The lease agreement begins on the launch date and the engine package is leased for its lifetime, subject to the conditions required under Part I, point 6 of the lease, the tenant will effectively take or prove the acceptance of the engine package by the delivery of a receipt certificate executed to the Renter. 3. PAIEMENTS, CHARGES AND IMPSE 3.1 A deposit or letter of credit Part I, point 7 of the lease agreement may stipulate that a down payment and/or credit for the engine, which insure the tenant`s obligations under this agreement, is necessary, and if so, specify the conditions under which it can be used by the lessor, and then be replenished or replaced by the taker, and for the interest collected. Unless there is a delay, Immediately after the date on which the last user fees must be paid in accordance with point 3.3, the lessor has returned an amount corresponding to the down payment or amount levied under the letter of credit (and, if so, interest from the letter of credit), if this is the case, in any case, less the part of that used to fulfill the tenant`s obligations under that agreement or letter of credit, if it is not fully collected. 3.2 The tenant pays the rent to the landlord on each rent payment date during the lifetime. 3.3 During the life of each calendar month (or part of it), the lessor also pays a non-refundable user fee for each engine. Use charges are paid on the fifteenth day following the end of each calendar month, with the recovery of the last payment of user fees during the tenth working day period following the last day of the period. 3.4 Costs Unless otherwise stated, each contracting party is liable and bears all costs and expenses related to its provision under these provisions.

3.5 The non-payer pays additional amounts to compensate for delays calculated on the basis of the amounts due at the late rate. These additional amounts are payable on the basis of the actual number of days elapsed from the due date of the payment in question to the date on which it is actually paid, with the adoption of a 30-day month and a 360-day year. 3.6 Net rental and absolute commitments This contract is a net lease. The tenant`s obligations are absolute and unconditional and are not inseparable. They must not be limited by an act, event, defence, contingency or circumstance, or be affected by other means. 3.7 Payments As a general rule, as shown here, all payments are due by the tenant upon request. 2 Aquila brought an action for damages under the contract (on the basis that the engine was a total loss in the sense of the contract), damages for breach of contractual conditions of recovery, claims for unpaid rent and, under general compensation under Article 10 of the framework contract, its legal costs. AVCARD Charge Card TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARTICLE 1 COVERAGE Unless otherwise agreed, these Terms and Conditions apply to all transactions between companies or companies Major legal issues arising from the operation of rental aircraft and current lease practices, including the use of section 83 bis contracts under the Chicago Convention.