soundcloud, birkfest audio

Ok some news:
I’ll be using soundcloud to make available the performances of everyone at “Birkfest” on 5/22/11 this year. I will be releasing them every few days leading up to the next one, which will be August 21st. I will release the first track tomorrow at noon. Also, the name “Birkfest” is a little too narcissistic (or something) for me, it was a nickname given to the festival by my friends at the very first one but I see bigger and better things for this event and I would like to change the name to something that is not so much about me. Because it isn’t really about me, it’s about the musicians. So I’m thinking for now it will be called 3030 Rent Party since my aim was to follow this excellent tradition. It’s 2:22 so I’m going to just publish this…

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